Senioritis: Blogging their way

My senior students are creating blogs about their intended majors in college, and need feedback from “strangers” (don’t get creepy on me, now). This is part of a course most of them are taking for dual credit through Boise State; they’ll get credit for English 101 that they can transfer to any college or university they attend. They’ve been working hard in this class and I’m proud of all of them.

If you’re curious what kids from Cambridge, Idaho (population 368 – that’s the whole town, not the student population) are interested in becoming, check out their blogs, and please leave them some comments if you’re so inclined:

Mitch: Mr. Food Science

Skye: Radiologic Technologist

Josie: Registered Nursing

Hillary: So You Want to Be a Dietitian?

Samantha: Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Jesse: Why Pursue Heavy Machinery Work?

Ryan: So You Want To Be In Show Business?


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