Here are some of my other blogs:

chukar_tnChukar Hunting: This blog is about my favorite thing to do, period: hunt chukar with my dogs Angus and Peat. My wife comes on most of our outings and shoots with a camera, which allows us to put together videos highlighting these experiences. If you want to find me on the weekends between mid-September and the end of January, I’ll be somewhere in Hells Canyon with my dogs looking for chukar. Bring your boots.

virtbob_tnThe Virtual Bob McMichael: This is the first blog I created several years ago and it started as just a place to write random ideas and stuff. It’s got a lot of posts that are special to me, like the one about Grete Waitz, or the Gaelic psalms, and the one about ticks and another about ants. Or the one about putting my first dog to sleep.

bagpipe_tnBagpiping: I started learning the bagpipes when I was about 45 years old. I’ll die before I’m good enough to please myself. But I practice every day, love to play them, perform professionally at a variety of events (weddings and funerals are the main venues), and study with one of the top players in the world, using Skype (he lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia).

eurovan_tnEurovan Info: My wife and I hankered after a VW Eurovan for 5 years before we finally bought one. I did lots of work to it, and documented much of it because these vehicles are rare and have a sort of cult following but not much info on maintenance and mods. This blog gets more hits than any of my others.

taisie_tnTaisie Design: This is my wife’s blog. She never thought she’d write anything. She hated English in high school and didn’t do well in it. But I encouraged her to try just as a way to increase the web exposure for her jewelry website (TaisieDesign.com). Well, she blogs about pretty much anything that comes to mind now, and has written some wonderful things about her family, the Weiser River Trail, and the most amazing dessert known to humankind.

Websites and other stuff

web_tnBetween the time I was a professor and a schoolteacher I worked in the business world. I was co-owner of an aviation company, and then I designed websites and did marketing consulting. In everything I’ve done in life, writing and research have played a big part. Click on the thumbnail to the left for a glimpse of my professional writing portfolio.

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  1. Well i love to read and write my awesomely cool story the brave, but bloody, courageous cat which i am now on my 4th story so far and next year i will will finish my final and last story and i left my fans a hanging with a cliffhanger i left at the end of the story.

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